Healthy and sustainable construction

Timber, our main material for construction, is not only a renewable resource on which we based our sustainable Philosophy, but also provides balance and health to the people who choose it to build their homes.

In order to obtain this material benefits, Kaiasul Wood rely on our partner's processes:

Initial phase

Thoma Holz seeks to take advantage of the wood potential, harvesting it during the waning moon because it has more bound water in its interior. This means that it contracts more tightly during the drying process, it only shrinks to a marginal degree. This makes the wood denser, more resistant to compression and also more resistant to invasive fungi, insects and voracious flames.


Looking after the people's health, Thoma Holz is free of toxic construction chemicals.

To replace glue or metal, Thoma Holz uses mechanical connections with wooden dowels, making the outcome 100% natural.

The result is panels with a variety of thickness for roofs and walls (interior and exterior) that keep comfortable temperatures inside the home.

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IKA Holz Construcciones (Kaisulwood)

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