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We are a company committed to the environment and sustainable development.

With more than 20 years of experience in industrial projects, we provide quality solutions for housing and commercial markets.

Sustainable development is possible if EXPERIENCE, DESIGN, and INNOVATION are combined; the projects can be developed in any place in conditions of building and technology in balance with the environment.

In our projects, we use TIMBER as a building material in all its development, from the Building to the Urban environment.

Wood as a material is noble and has a sustainable production, which has low CO2 emission. In addition, it is a renewable resource, which allows its construction process to be developed in balance with the environment.

Kaiasul Wood has a professional and technical team in different countries that allows us to deliver in a timely manner a comprehensive solution to the requirements of our customers, We also count on the support of German and Austrian companies that develop the best technology.

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Sustainable architecture 
Our objectives:
  • Energy efficiency
  • Water treatment
  • Low impact material
Innovation in
We are pioneers in presenting the local market timber construction with German tecnology.
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Presence in Latinamerica
Exclusive partnership with our German and Austrian allies in the region.